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Ryan Stowe–“It’s a Feeling”

Ryan Stowe may not have had his band Mile 26 with him, but he still gave a scintillating performance this week on The VU Backstage.  He’s only a freshman, which gives me high hopes for the continuing development of the Vanderbilt music scene.  Check out this video of his song “It’s a Feeling” below!

Ryan Stowe on The VU Backstage

I don't think we could have dressed more disparately.

I don’t think we could have dressed more disparately.

Last night was one of the liveliest shows I can remember hosting–and a good thing, too, because we won’t be on the air again until March 15th.  Among the topics Ryan Stowe and I discussed were the Foo Fighters’ Sonic Highways project, the nascent rock scene in his native Houston, and the summer recording plans of his band, Mile 26.  Check out the full episode below!




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