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Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes Drop By For Rites of Spring


From left: drummer Joel Wren (he likes his personal space I guess), bassist Marshall Skinner, singer/keyboardist Daniel Ellsworth, yours truly, guitarist Timon Lance.

This year’s Rites of Spring was probably the best I’ve seen in my four years at Vanderbilt.  The Music Group did an excellent job of bringing in headliners–Chance the Rapper and Young the Giant–who could excite a wide swath of the student body (unlike NEEDTOBREATHE) and then put on a show to back up the hype (unlike 2 Chainz).  The lineup also ran impressively deep, featuring a resurgent T-Pain and a variety of up-and-comers such as The Lone Bellow and Matoma.  Best of all, there was a strong local presence on Saturday’s docket with Louisa Wendorff and Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes.

I got the chance to sit down with DE+TGL in the WRVU studio before their set later in the day and we had a blast talking about things like eating donuts, crazy stories from the studio, and the concept behind their music video for “Phantoms.”  The band was also kind enough to play two songs in the studio for us as a little preview of their Rites show.  Here’s audio footage of the full interview…


…and here’s video of the band playing “Sun Goes Out” and “Phantoms” live on air, as well as some highlights from the interview (if you’re in a hurry)!

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Ryan Stowe–“It’s a Feeling”

Ryan Stowe may not have had his band Mile 26 with him, but he still gave a scintillating performance this week on The VU Backstage.  He’s only a freshman, which gives me high hopes for the continuing development of the Vanderbilt music scene.  Check out this video of his song “It’s a Feeling” below!

Brad Faskowitz–“Where I’ll Go”

Brad put on a great show for us this week on The VU Backstage.  More impressively, it was his first recorded gig of any kind!  Judging by the quality of his songs, you’d never have guessed.  Here’s a video of him playing “Where I’ll Go,” one of his originals.  Enjoy!

Curtis Mercury–“Passin’ Me By”

For the first time all semester, we didn’t need to utilize the RVU Records studio for this week’s recording.  Curtis Mercury was able to dominate the mic in the broadcast room, and our amazing videographer Tony Xiao was there to catch his performance on camera.  Check out Curtis’ performance of “Passin’ Me By,” complete with an explanation about the song’s inspiration as the beat fades out.

The Hart Strings–“Pocket”

This song was untitled when The Hart Strings played it on The VU Backstage this past Sunday.  All the same, it had me dancing behind the studio mic.  It’s a great indicator of where this rising band’s sound is proceeding; once staunch adherents to the Americana folk genre, the newly minted quintet is experimenting with more rock-based arrangements.  “Pockets,” though, has elements of jazz that give it a classy sheen on top of its insanely catchy melodies–and now it has a title.  Check out our video of the performance!

Jake Vroon–“Anymore”

Hey everybody,

Our wonderful video producer, Tony Xiao, put together this video of Jake Vroon’s performance of “Anymore” from his appearance on the show this past Sunday.  We’ll be posting videos like this every Friday, so stay tuned for more of these as we continue to bring phenomenal musicians on air!