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Lena Stone on The VU Backstage

I can still remember the first post I ever wrote for this website.  An audio recording of a novice interviewer and his talented guest, with a sentence describing the recording.  Simple, to the point, but also unimaginative.

Lena Stone came back with a new name and amazing music.  I think I've gotten better at interviewing, too.

Lena Stone came back with a new name and amazing music. I think I’ve gotten better at interviewing, too.

Two and a half years later, that same guest returned with a different name and a vastly improved song catalog.  And the hour she spent on the air, and the website where the recording of that hour will reside forever, seem like a completely different endeavor.  Lena Stone’s music and personality shone through the microphone and left me gaping in wonder at the strides she has taken.  I hope The VU Backstage’s progress has matched her growth.

Harry Chapin once sang, “All my life’s a circle.”  Never has that phrase felt truer to me than it did this past Sunday.  I’ll be handing off the reins of The VU Backstage to my successor, Jack Sentell, before the month is over.  It was only fitting for me to bring my stewardship of the Vanderbilt music scene’s voice to a close with Lena.  You can check out the full recording of the show below.

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